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We at 4GS provide uniquely designed and customized security solutions for protection and facilitation of celebrities, public figures, politicians, dignitaries, expats, high network individuals, socialites etc. and their families.

1. Threat Assessment, Security Planning & Advisory

  • Identification & Evaluation of Threat
  • Review security of all areas, to include Residence, Workplace & Locations to be visited
  • Assessment & review of operational arrangements
  • Sending out an advisory, prior to the Visit/Event

2. Close Protections for Executives, Dignitaries, Celebrities and their Families

  • Provision of Highly skilled and experienced Agents to provide effective but unobtrusive security cover

3. Executive Travel Management & Support

  • Risk Assessment & Operational Planning
  • Travel Itineraries & Arrangements
  • Contingency Planning for all eventualities
  • Carry Out Advances to review all arrangements
  • Protection on the move
  • Protection of family at home whilst subject is traveling

4. Security During Meetings/Events

  • Risk Assessment & Operational Planning
  • Advances/Reconnaissance/Liaison
  • Multi-tier Security Shield

5. A Logistic & Technical Support

  • Travel Brief/Advisory
  • Transport & Communications
  • Facilitate Arrivals & Welcome at Airports
  • Security & Area Briefs
  • Local Liaison