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PSO Services

At 4GS Security Services Private Limited are experts in handling PSOs are law enforcement officials who exercise legal powers and are qualified to use force in the course of their protection duties. They are stationed at key Commonwealth establishments including Parliament House, numerous Defence sites and also provide protective security to the diplomatic community.

  • PSO shall perform a variety of security-related duties depending on the type of post.
  • PSOs shall be thoroughly familiar with the Post Orders assigned to his or her specific post. Under no circumstances shall any PSO neglect his or her assigned duties in order to use that time to become familiar with individual Post Orders.
  • Outgoing PSOs shall provide a brief to in-coming PSOs and maintain a pass-on log of occurring continuing, or anticipated events and actions associated with a particular post.
  • PSOs shall be familiar with each office’s name and the locations within the facility of the most commonly sought-after offices or locations, such as service offices, restrooms, elevators, entrances and exits, and parking areas. PSOs shall provide such information to any visitor upon request.
  • PSOs assigned to access posts shall be knowledgeable of the location as well as the use of the nearest first aid kit, Automated External Defibrillator (AED) kit (if any), fire extinguisher, fire alarm, emergency exit, and duress alarm (if any). PSOs assigned to these types of posts shall be ready, willing, and able to use the aforementioned items as necessary and as required by the Post Orders.